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We love MOT Type 1!

We stock MOT Type 1 nationwide, so wherever you are, we can deliver as many tonnes as you need. We make sure our MOT Type 1 is carefully screened crushed concrete. We also make sure every tonne of MOT Type 1 that we supply is of top quality.

If you are shopping around, take care when you're checking out MOT Type 1 prices - really cheap MOT Type 1 more often than not indicates poor quality - low standard MOT Type 1 can cause sinking, something that you probably don't need happening on your project!

MOT Type 1 is made from recycled crushed concrete and a bit of hardcore and generally consists of rubble spanning 40mm to a fine dust, and compacts well to form a solid base. Roads, motorways, driveways and pavements are all built on Type 1 MOT foundations. delivers Type 1 MOT to construction companies across the UK, either in bulk bags or 8 wheel tippers. See if we deliver MOT Type 1 to your area:

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